Our Programs

We offer a variety of fun programs for both physical and emotional growth and learning.  Sessions include Individual, Group or Corporate team building events, shaped to match your objectives as identified by each client.  All horse activities are performed from the ground.  No prior horse experience is required.

Who am I? –  Discover your Power Path 

Individual sessions are tailored to suite each clients’ personal goals.  Sessions are approximately 75 minutes in length with emphasis on learning about ourselves.  Become aware of how you are feeling inside.  Stop trying to be perfect, focus on being real through the voice of your heart.    Through verbal and nonverbal communication with your horse partner, you will be able to discover your inner strength and define your passion by releasing those obstacles that are holding you back.  Learning to live in a place of authenticity, powers self-care and self-love.  Discover your power path.

Finding Your Herd 

Group sessions include customized workshops for teams, couples or families.  Whether your focus is to bring a new team together or inspire an existing one, creating a caring, loving and supportive environment is key in rebuilding and transforming healthy relationships at work or at home.  Our horse and human facilitators will create a memorable experience that defines boundary settings and a clear communicationprocess through which people feel safe to express feelings about things, themselves, and others. 

The Horse Within

This program is designed for beginner to advanced horse enthusiasts.  You will learn how to communicate with any horse, through nonverbal communication by understanding how your energy impacts what is happening around you in the barn and at home. You will learn how to connect with your horse and yourself on a deeper level.  

Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Children Ambassador Camp

LEAP is proud to offer the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots youth empowerment program.   The program is active in 87 countries and inspires and prepares young people to become compassionate conservation leaders who are globally mindful and locally active.  Guiding them through youth-led, projects that help people, animals and the environment, participants will have the opportunity to care for and communicate with the LEAP family, learn about our  surroundings and the important role an ambassador plays in supporting and protecting the local environment, wildlife their community

Farm Fit

Farm Fit is our “at your own pace” program designed to get people out into nature.  Classes include, self-paced orienteering bootcamp, yoga and meditation blended with our beautiful LEAP herd, check our calendar for dates and time.